Free VPS Avenger Presets

Free VPS Avenger Presets

Free presets for VPS Avenger.

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How people are reacting to Modern Analog and Sapphire expansion packs:

Modern Analog updated with new sequences:


Discover some of the unique pads in Sapphire:

Choose what free preset you want to download from the list here:

1. FX Sine Bass Swell (Quick Tips 11)
2. BA Retro Bass Arp
3. AR Ministop Arp (Quick Tips 12)
4. AR Blender tutorial (Quick Tips 13)

The following are compatible with version 1.5 and above only
5. KY Vintage Filters (Quick Tips 14)
6. TG Bleep Bloop (Quick Tips 15)
7. AR Acidic Arp (Quick Tips 17)
8. DR Bare Snare (Quick Tips 18 – Part 1)
9. DR Snare Riser (Arp)(Quick Tips 18 – Part 2)
10. DR Snare Riser (16 bar)(Quick Tips 18 – Part 3)
11. DR Snare Riser with Noise (16 bar)(Quick Tips 18 – Part 4)
12. DR Snare-Saw Riser final (16 bar)(Quick Tips 18 – Part 5)

Don’t know how to install individual .AVGR presets for VPS Avenger? No problem, I did a video on this. Click here to view that video.